Every Project in The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2023


The foundation has released The Official RPi Handbook 2023 through MagPi, featuring dozens of editor-approved projects, tutorials and product reviews. 

It’s a wonderful book for both the Raspberry Pi user gurus & noobs.

This is the resource hub of all the projects mentioned in the book, a place for you to learn more details about those you find interesting or feel like trying.

Star Wars Arcade Cabinet by James Milroy

Epigone Drone by Avra Saslow

Bluebot Shoal Fish Robot by Radhika Nagpal & Florian Berlinger

The Callisto II by Kevin Solar

Humane Mousetrap by Andrew Taylor

Campervan LAN by Enrico Miglino

RFID Floppy Disk Reader by Dylan Blake

HIIT Workout Trainer by James Wong

MiniLIGO Gravitational Wave Detector by Husni Almoubayyed

Package Thief Deterrent by Ryder, aka ‘Ryder Calm Down’

Machine Learning Prosthetic Arm by James Bruton

Oasis-grow by Mike Lee and Aviel Stein

Automatic Guitar Tuner by Guyrandy Jean-Gilles

Robot Arm Clock by Hendrik Ohrens

Droiid – A Package Delivery Robot by Eben Kouao

Live CTA Railway Map by Jordan von Mulert

Automatic Dog Ball Launcher by Brankly

Old School Minitel Laptop by Gautier Serodon

Big Boxes by Rich Thanki

DeMoor Orrery by Chris de Moor

RMS Meteor Tracker by Mary and Mark McIntyre

Teasmade 2.0 by Martin Spendiff and Vanessa Bradley

That’s all.

So which are your favs?

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