Privacy Policy

Your data

Your data belongs to you, we have no control over your information, always remember that. Some of our services and products may ask you for such information, like account creation, purchase of products, leaving comments and reviews.

The information we collect:

When you purchase our products or sign up for an account at, we may require you to provide us with your contact information: Name, Email Address, Shipping & Billing Address, Phone Number. You may also want to share our product/services/content with your friends or family, we may need you to provide us with these people’s information too, we will use what you provided to deliver such products or services. When we detect fraudulent activities, we may ask for your identity card before providing you with the service and product you need.

Other non-personal information that may be collected by our servers and analytic tools: cookies, device info, language, area code, country code, operating systems, time zone, referrer URL, browser information and search queries.

How the collected personal data is used

We use/process your personal data only when we have your consent:

We use the information you provided to update you about our future product launches, deals/coupons, service announcements and events.

If you place an order with us, we may send you notices regarding your order: receipt, shipping and tracking info.

Your information may also be used to improve products/services.

Occasionally, we will use your information to verify your identity if we detect any suspicious activity related to your account.

We may obtain your information from someone else

There are situations when your friends or family purchase a product/e-gift card and request us to send it to you, in order to fulfill their order, we may ask them for your name, email and shipping address. In this case, your information will only be used for the sole purpose of fulfilling their purchases.


We use cookies to help us better understand you so that we can present you with a customized experience every time you visit Sometimes cookies are also used to store your personal information so the next time you are on, you will automatically be logged in, it’s super convenient when you want to check the status of your orders.

Data protection

A business should no only provide their customers with good products and services, but also protect their users’ personal information. Here at, all connections are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS), that means all the information you submitted are encrypted too.

Children under 13

We do not provide products/services to children under 13 years old, please contact as soon as possible if you think your minor child has provided us with personal information without your consent.

*The privacy policy is subject to change at any time, and when we do, you will be informed about said changes.

*Updated on February 17th 2021